I schedule an appointment with my boss for 2:30. He approached my desk at 2:00 and overwhelms with me how little he respects me to the point that I had a panic attack.

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"For instance, with men, as much as I’d like to think I could be strictly Erotica-era Madonna with them, I require Mariah Carey levels of mushiness. And when I get treated in a way that reminds me of gloomy Mary J. Blige albums, I turn into Keyshia Cole."

- Michael Arceneaux

This is the best way I have ever heard this described.

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Metric vs. Imperial


Metric vs. Imperial

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I just noticed the panties my friend sent me from France have slits in the crotch. I have no idea if these are slut pants or if French women just take ventilation very seriously.

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#if french women don't get fat why does their sizing work for me so much better 

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I’m always completely physically repulsed when men who look like they’re 20 years older than my father send me messages, whilst claiming to be 35. I’m just like, either you are a horrible liar or you need to let your line die out because those are some shitty ass genetics.

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